uDog Board Game


An addicting game of teamwork, cards and strategy that’s easy to learn for beginners but challenging and intriguing for experts!

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High-Quality wooden board game for endless family fun! Based on a game played by early settlers of Quebec, this beautifully designed and produced wooden board game is a unique blend of strategy, teamwork, cards, and marbles. The rules are simple, the strategy is subtle, and the competition is serious! Players form teams and try to be the first to get their marbles home. The first team to finish wins. Sounds simple? It’s not. Every turn is a new adventure––try not to get switched, burned, or blocked! Timing, luck, and plenty of strategy will be needed to win this family-friendly, fun-filled game. May the best team win! Box contents include (depending on variation): Four to 12 interlocking board game pieces, 16 to 48 colorful marbles, two decks of standard playing cards, one dice, four quick reference cards, and instructions. Custom uDog cards are also available. Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Dimensions 16.5 × 7.5 × 3.5 in


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